A strange tale of inspiration

Alternative title; Sometimes you get inspired working in a place you don’t think you’re going to get anything done!

So, a great blog that I read regularly is the Monday Project. Below is my latest submission for the last theme, “Story book”. After that is the long explanation on how I got there…


Ok, so I was a little grumpy on Saturday. For a variety of reasons, but mainly because I went out Friday and when I woke up Saturday, I realised I had spent way too much money and drunk way too much a little too much and was praying for death a little hungover.

So I was having trouble getting motivated. Then as further evidence that the universe hates me, after a day of doing nothing, My flat had a power blackout at around 5:30 in the evening. So I decided I would just go to a local bar to pass the time. Still in a grumpy mood at this time, I dismissed calling any friends, thinking I’d just take a book. Then I thought I’d take a sketchbook and see what happened.

After all the place, bar nancy, plays good music, is very quiet and has BEER! a inspirational atmosphere.


Getting set up
Getting set up

I had come up with one other idea for a drawing, but it was one of those where I could see a rough overall layout, but when I tried to imagine any of the details, the layout changed, which I know for me means It most likely to be a frustrating failure once I try to put it on paper.

After some beers and a couple of hours.
After some beers and a couple of hours.

So I sat down and after getting over the horror that is facing a blank page, I drew a book cover, did a bit a spiral out of it. I liked it, it was only a few lines, but it was a start that I saw potential in.

Then I remembered earlier in the week I had fallen asleep reading a book. Like literally, struggling to hold the book upright and keep my eyes open. For some reason, I love it when that happens every now and then (just not too often).

So I thought of including that feeling in the drawing. That’s how I got the end result. OK… it’s not a finished drawing, but I was happy with the sketch. Oh… and I was in a much better mood for doing it!


PS. I just wanted to point out I had a very good time on with interesting and wonderful people on Friday. My bad mood was due to my ability to be a cranky bastard.

PPS.  I know, I know. If I was worried about spending money on Friday, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go to a bar and spend more money on beer… but BEER!?!?!

PPPS. Happy 60th mum!


6 thoughts on “A strange tale of inspiration”

  1. Hey!! this is such a great sketch! and i especially love the explanation…. oh its so exciting that someone else is playing along! 🙂

  2. Thanks Kate. I love the Monday Project blog. I’m really happy it’s on again… I can’t wait to see everyone else’s submissions.

  3. Enjoy your sketch and the notes. It reminded me how I usually fall into sleep every night – dozing off with an opened book and found myself lying on it the following morning! 🙂
    Cheers and have a wonderful day!

  4. this is Great!
    you really must show us the step-by-step process, it’s the most interesting part for me to see the mapping and planning and changes work makes along the way!

    i really must start getting into gear and contributing to the Monday Project ❤

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