Old Friends…

OK. I said yesterday that I was in a cranky mood. That hadn’t changed today, but I forced myself out to go and see my old flatmates the Wonderful and Witty Mr & Mrs M.

I’ve been slack in keeping in contact with them since I moved out just before new years, but it was a good boost to the old want-for-social-interaction. Not a minute after I turned up we had BEERS! started a good old fashion catch up.

Mr M is one of my oldest friends and we’ve had times where we’ve been out of touch for a couple of years due to living and work arrangements. But somehow we’ve always managed to pick things up again.

This is probably not of any interest to anyone else, but I can’t help but thinking these are the things to dwell upon every now and then.

Not an amusing post I know, so I’ll end in presenting the literal video translation of “white wedding” (via rumproast)


Freek! The embed isn’t working for some reason… try this

I’ll see if it works tomorrow…


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