Being Bored Beyond Belief…

OK, I won’t name the company I work for here, cause getting fired would completely suck I could get into a little trouble. I’ll just say it’s a large corporation.

The thing is, I’m kind of in a supporting role for my department. Meaning that 99.9% of the people that do the same work as I do, work in another department. This causes the problems you would imagine, that I miss important information and what not, cause I’m “in between” all the standard structures.

A good case of this happened the other week. We had to do some training. Now the 99.9% of the people with a similar role to me, had a training course that lasted only a couple of hours. I had to do the one for my department. That went all day. That had nothing to do with what I do in the company. That was absolutely soul destroying a little boring. Let’s look at 2 random little doodles I was working on in training… I’ve retyped the text in a hope it’s a little more readable than my handwriting.



Did you notice the times on them? Honestly after that I wanted to do more, but couldn’t bring myself to. I spent most of the afternoon drawing a brick wall. Partly, because a brick wall was much more interesting, partly because I really want a handy brick wall to bang my head against.

I’m sure the trainers we really impressed…


One thought on “Being Bored Beyond Belief…”

  1. Eeek! Training. I remember the dull hum of training in that particular company. Remember when we did that first lot of training when I started (I know you’d been there before)? I spent most of that wishing my eyes would fall out. And then the training Gerard and I did just before I left… maybe it was something to do with my state of mind at that time, but that was absolute hell.

    Death by Powerpoint (or other document) indeed.

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