Comics. Sometimes they aren’t what they use to be.

I was going to try and re-write my post from yesterday, but it was a long one and I’m tired and feeling like a bit of time away from the computer. So I’ll keep this quick and leave the three or so of you that read this blog with a question.

I love a lot of different comics and cartoons. When I was a kid, Wizard of Id was up there as one of them. Then as I got older, the comic seem to get worse and worse. They seem to be not as well drawn, written and they seem to lose all sense of humour. I now normally cringe when I see them in the paper.

Not so long ago, I found out both the creators (Brant Parker and Johnny Hart) died in 2007. Of course, I personally think the strip would have been hamstrung in it’s later years as Jonny Hart (also creator of BC) went a little of the rails, becoming more in more inclined to include his right wing political views and religious beliefs into the comics he worked on. In my opinion, neither are real comedy boosters.

I understand Parkers son, Jeff Parker, now keeps the strip running. Apparently he assisted with the strip with years before the deaths of the original creators. Unfortunately, I just don’t think he has the talent of his father and I feel a little sorry the strip wasn’t retired.

So I ask you. if you inherited, the rights to a profitable, creative enterprise, such as a comic strip, music or a book series, what would you do? Would you be tempted to try and keep it running?


One thought on “Comics. Sometimes they aren’t what they use to be.”

  1. I guess it would depend on the quality of the comic strip/music/book series when I inherited it. I wouldn’t want to continue something that had already reached its peak.

    I also like to think that I’d be able to recognise whether or not my talents were up to maintaining the text at its current level of quality.

    But then I’d probably be tempted to change it, which would probably make some people rather unhappy. So perhaps it would be best if I retired it.

    Hmm.. an interesting question indeed.

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