You know, I was saving up really good title…

…for when I got back on the tubes back at home, but I can’t remember it now. Er… the ‘tubes’ means the internet for all you not in the know. Otherwise it sounds weird.  Or like a weird, cheap drink.

I mean “Would you like a refreshing Tubes” doesn’t really work on me, but whatever floats your boat.

So anyway, I’ve got a couple pages in my sketchbook ready to scan in for the latest Monday Project project.  But I’ve had too much BEER! and I can’t remember how to use my scanner am feeling a little too tired right now.

So too sum up.

  1. Beer is good.
  2. If you haven’t checked out the latest Monday project go do so now, time is running out dude!
  3. If you not one of the few the mutual blog readers and/or you haven’t done so already, go wish Miss Maybel a happy birthday!
  4. Hopefully I’ll have a meaningful update soon… with pictures!

Yeah, the internet was totally lacking without me here…


2 thoughts on “You know, I was saving up really good title…”

  1. I was so excited when I opened my google reader and saw you had finally posted something! I was doubley excited when I saw you mentioned me (is that uncool to admit).

    Looking forward to the pictures. I might do my monday project post this afternoon.

  2. You are both much more organised than I!

    I have the start of a response to the latest project, but that is all. I’m hoping for some much-needed writing time this weekend to get myself sorted out on this project and others.

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