W.I.P. it… W.I.P. it good…

This title was a joke for me… and only me. Take that anyone who reads this!

I normally name files that I’m still working on wip, for Work In Progress. Which is an awful anticlimactic explanation, I know, but stay with me. You can only regret it more!

So this is my WIP post on the latest Monday Project er…project… The theme is ‘Missing You’.

I got to admit I had this visual in my mind as soon as I read the theme.

Very, very, very rough
Very, very, very rough

I’m going with the idea of “missing you” when you’re actually still with the person. Unfortunately, that’s a situation I’ve experienced. Anyway (he said, quickly trying to move on the conversation), the idea is it’s going to be a more graphic representation. An angler, silhouetted image. Two people in chairs back to back, with the word “missing” running vertically between them and the word ‘you’ underneath.

In the initial sketch, I stumbled upon angle the people to hint at a heart shape (which I actually traced out here) But I’m not sure that I’ll spell it out in the final version.

Anyway, the next time I sat down to draw, it was the night I was wondering if I was going to lose my job. It was unfortunate, because for some reason I really had trouble concentrating. That might be a little obvious.

Not really any better...
Not really any better...

Also by this stage I had decided I was going to scan the sketch into the computer and the finished piece would actually be a piece of vector work. Which meant I had a hard time committing to putting too much detail on paper that I was worried would distract me later.

Anyway I’m working on that now, on the computer, but I’m going to save it to the final submission. But as a side note, I was hoping to do a second one based on the theme. I don’t know about other people, but sometimes I go through a weird word play when thinking out an idea. And even though as I said, I came up with this idea pretty much straight away I keep on thinking about it on the chance I came up with a better idea.

So I was running through word associations and phrases in my head to do with missing. I got to thinking of ‘aim’ as an obvious opposite and was working along that when I thought of the phrase “We aim to please’ and I though “We miss you to please” and stopped.

I really like the way the sentence sounds both nice/cruel in the same way. In fact I wasn’t even sure it meant anything at all, but I like the idea it sounded like it could mean something. So I’ve already go an idea for the same two silhouettes that will be used in another picture, but a more wordy version with that whole phrase involved.


3 thoughts on “W.I.P. it… W.I.P. it good…”

  1. Good work! A nice rendition of your interpretation of the theme! But I’m more interested in your word play: “We miss you to please” – imply the “we” are always trying to “please” the other person, right? Something just came to my mind: We miss you, please. (kind of a black humour, if you get what I mean.) Anway, it would be interesting to see the “we miss you to please”, if you choose to work on it. Last but not least, thank you for sharing. 😉

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