Signs I’ve been spending too much time at my flat. Part I & II

I know I’ve been quiet around here, but that’s because I’m lazy. No, that’s not an excuse, but IT IS A REASON!!!

OK, I’ve posted before about how I’ve been in a grumpy mood sometimes of late.  I’ve been avoiding people a bit because of that.  What I’ve also done is try to take make that into positive by turning my 5-6 nights out a week in to a more finically acceptable 1 or 2 nights out a week. This has actually involved a forced anti-social behavior on myself

Today, I also had the day off work. I’ve started to suspect that maybe I’m actually spending too much time on my own.  After watch a dvd and hearing the phrase “time is an abstract concept” I spent a couple of hours thinking about that.

I started with a lot of ‘If that’s true then how abstract’.  Thoughts of personal past and how much you can separate that a current ‘self’. After two hours thinking about these and similar concepts, I came the following conclusion;

“Time is an abstract concept, but as abstract concepts go, it a bit of bugger… and I can’t think of any way to use this into a picture.”

As soon as that thought came to me, I wished I had simply spent two hours playing the xbox. I think it would have been just as productive.

The other thing that happened today was I got a text message from my mother. It says, and I quote;

“Hope you have had a productive day & you are not drowning your sorrows in the pub. Mum”

I was lost for words. Only cause while I might have some sorrows, I can’t think of any thing my mother knows about or would expect me to attempt to drown away.  I did the only thing I could think of, which was go to the pub simply so the message would make some sort of sense.

Actually, I did start a picture, but I couldn’t get any where with it.  But that’s another post


3 thoughts on “Signs I’ve been spending too much time at my flat. Part I & II”

  1. Mr Sketchy I was glad to see you had posted something but this post has such a glum feel.
    I hope the beers cleared up all your sorrows 🙂

    PS Mums always know.

  2. hmmmm… It actually wasn’t meant to be that glum. I guess I was still thrown off balance by my mother’s text message. I’m now walking around thinking I should feel upset about something!

    Plus you know what they say about beer… “It’s good for what ‘ales’ you’. Terriable I know, but with more than a little truth to it in my experince.

    Also, aren’t you meant to be doing homework???? 😛 I hope it’s going well.

  3. Maybe it is just me but “I’ve been avoiding people a bit” sounds glum? Or maybe it’s just cos i am in a rotten mood.

    i was doing homework! All done! Whoo!!!

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