Gah! Times I wish unreasonable violence onto people I don’t know…

So freaking frustrating. I’ve arranged to buy a second hand mac laptop. It’s through a friend of a friend and a pretty good deal, plus it will let me test drive how I feel about using a mac at home. My friend, being an incredibly nice guy. Bought the laptop of the person he knew for me. Mainly cause he knew I wouldn’t be able to afford it all right now. However I hate owing large sums of money to friends so I thought I’d get the bulk of the debt out of the way as soon as possible.

One way I thought I could do this is by finally cashing in all the money from my change bowl. I’ve been lazy about doing this for a few years now and it’s collected into a fair amount. In fact, after I counted it out, I found I had around $700 in 10, 20 and 50 cent pieces. The main problem with that it is that it ways a freaking tonne.

I thought about how I was going to get it to the bank, since I don’t drive or have a car. I toyed briefly with the idea of public transport but ended that concept with “Bugger that for a lark.” And called for a cab.

Has anyone here rung 13 CABS of late? They have the most annoying hold music. It loops every 10 or 15 seconds and even when booking the cab by the time someone answers, you have to bite down the urge to scream “I HOPE YOU CHOKE ON YOUR HEADSEAT FOR MAKING ME LISTEN TO THAT CRAP!”

But bite down the urge I did and politely booked my cab, was told the next available cab would be sent out to me. So I grab my backpack full of small silver discs and gave myself a hernia carrying it out to the front of the drive way. Honestly it was one of those times when I took off the back pack I could feel my spine stretching back into it’s default shape. Then I started the waiting game, by, well, waiting.

I waited.

I waited.

And I waited.

After half an hour I thought, it’s odd that it’s taking this long to get a cab in the middle of the afternoon. At 45 minutes, I thought the cab company had won this round of the waiting game and I should ring them back. So I subjected myself to the annoying hold music again while I had to wait for over 10 minutes for someone to answer simply so I could ask where my cab was. Finally it rung through, I heard someone pick up.

And disconnect the line.

I work supporting a call center department. I know it happens. People make mistakes and press the wrong button. But as soon as I realized this meant I would have to subject myself to the hold music yet again I couldn’t stop myself from screaming at my phone “YOU STUPID FUCKING MORONS!” I probably should have had a little more self control since I was standing in the middle of the street outside my block of flats, but I will admit I felt a little better for it.

But then, I saw a 13 CABS taxi driving down the street and I was filled with relief and goodwill towards all again. I walked over, gave myself a double hernia picking up my backpack and turned around to see the cab turn the corner and drive off to parts unknown.

Grumbling, I put myself through annoying hold music again. Laughed bitterly when the soul destroying music was interrupted with messages like “Need to get to the airport? 13 CABS will get you there on time.” And finally the call was answered. More surprisingly, they didn’t hang up.

I explained my situation and asked where was my cab. I got told my area was experiencing bad delays. I thought about explaining while I couldn’t speak for the rest of the area, my delay was starting to get a bit beyond ‘bad’. I contented myself with asking how much longer did they think it was going to be. The answer was the informative “I really couldn’t say”.

I explained I was trying to get to my bank in camberwell before it shut, something I wasn’t really worried about when I originally called at 2:30, but now was starting to think was going to get tricky soon. So if she thought that wasn’t going to be possible, she should just say so and I’ll make other arrangements.

“Oh, I’ll mark your pick-up as a priority. If someone isn’t there in ten minutes call us again.”

I couldn’t resist. “Do you mean, I should hang up and call straight back so after the ten minutes on hold, I can tell you if the cab is actually here?”

There was a little forced laugh and was told, no, just wait ten minutes.

Well the 10 minutes went past and the cab wasn’t there, I really couldn’t be bothered ring again and after another quarter of an hour, it started to pour down. Swearing, I picked up the backpack again, careful not to give myself a triple hernia, but managing to fuse my spine into one solid mass, I walked back up to my flat and cancelled the cab altogether.

By email.

What a waste of an afternoon.


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