The answer…

OK, so I emailed the person I know and forwarded them yesterdays post.

I got the annoyingly sensible answer, that while they weren’t comfortable with me talking about this issue in a public forum, it was my blog to do with what I wanted.

So for now I have, because of circumstances, I decided on the following course of action.

I’m going to start drafting up a post that talks about all the things about this particular situation that has annoyed me, but talk about it in a more general sense.

And yes, I agree, I’m wussing out and falling into my old habit of self censoring (which I agree with Miss Maybel, is a pretty unappealing idea.) However, I feel in this particular situation, is the right path to take.

Keep tuned, it won’t be my next post but it will be soonish…


3 thoughts on “The answer…”

  1. I’ve come across a sort of similar situation before, where I wanted to use someone’s real-life story (in one case my brother, in another case someone else very close) as the starting point for some fiction. I felt like I absolutely must ask their permission to do so, even though the story was going to change depending on what happened when I developed it.

    I’ve also written quite a bit of non-fiction, and I think because what you’re writing is non-fiction that this is probably even more important. It’s only polite to keep in mind how what you write might affect those you’re writing about. So at the very least it’s probably a good idea to let your friend know that you are going to write about your mutual acquaintance, if that is what you choose to do, and give them some idea of the content. So then at least they’re prepared.

    All that said, this is a blog that you use to explore things that affect YOU, not your friend, so if you feel it’s important for you to write about it in an uncensored way, then that is what you should do.

    Time to get out your set of scales, perhaps?

  2. Heh, well said Miss Maybel. I have a hard time arguing with that.

    As Soph said though, it became an question of talking about people that are part of a social network that I deal with. I consider this blog a personal place that is in a public forum.

    The conclusion I came too was that it wasn’t fair to vent in a place where the risk of it being seen by the people it was about (though it was a very small chance of that ever happening.) Actually it seemed a little too passive aggressive because of the fact the people it was about wouldn’t see it.

    But the deciding factor is when I thought the worse case scenario would affect other people I consider my friends much, much more in a negative and possibly long lasting way than it would me.

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