Sitting around…

So, I’ve talked about work before, here is one thing though I haven’t mentioned.

My work three different modes;

a)    insanely ball-tearing crazy
b)    moderate
c)    quiet as the grave.

The problem is the ‘insane’ part last around 5 or 6 months of the year. Moderate can last 1 to 3. Which leaves in a best case scenario, 3 months of it being more quiet than that time at the party when you were trying to comfort the host by reassuring her by publicly saying what a complete arse her ex-boyfriend was, only to remember someone told you they got back together last week.

We’re in a quiet period right now. I’ve source some work from other departments, but even that’s dried up at the moment. So now I’m being paid to mainly just sit around on my rather ample butt.

Some of you may think that’s not a bad wicket to be on. However, let me assure you, while I wouldn’t object to the occasional day of peace and quiet, a couple weeks of it can be maddening.

Part of the problem was there was a round of redundancies thanks to the world financial check bounce that’s been in the news of late. It’s not really sure if there will be another round of redundancies or not. Put simply it’s not a great time to be doing nothing.

Added to that, we have actually been told that there is a high chance of our internet usage could be ‘monitored’ during this period. Not that matters, after 3 days, I can’t find more than 15 minutes worth of stuff to keep me entertained.

Also, we’ve been told it’s important to ‘look’ busy. So, it’s not like I pull out my sketchbook or work on anything on the computer too long that is obviously not work related.

Basically, if there is no work to do, I can’t do anything productive.

I’m rapidly losing my mind.


2 thoughts on “Sitting around…”

  1. I hate days like this. I hate them even more when they’re not days, but weeks. How annoying.

    You need to come up with some work-related ‘project’ that can take up your time.

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