blogging is a great way to be insulted!

so, i’ve already had wordpress imply that i’m some sort of smut peddler

now, when i talk about visiting my family and family secrets, this is what wordpress links me with…

Oh, it's on!
Oh, it's on!

who needs trolls?!?!

p.s. i got so bored at work today, i figured that i would try to post this in my lunch break. apparently work has decided that would be too exciting and blocked my ability to upload images to wordpress.

either that, or wordpress has gotten tired of all this dancing around and is officially declaring war on me. my next post will be from the trenches!

it’s a perfect example of how my week is starting off.

like i’ve  decided to open a new account with a different bank, i got to the front door of the bank and realised i had no idea if i would need proof of my address. or id. or money.

so i thought i’d check their website and found i didn’t even need to go to the bank. you can start a new account online and i doubt they worry about you feeding your latest bills into the dvd tray of your laptop to prove where you  live. in fact the only thing you need if your tax file number. which i really couldn’t remember for the life of me. fantastic.

honestly, if i was ever in a science fiction movie and i needed to stop the self destruct sequence, i’d run to the override computer (through all obligatory hallways full of pipes venting steam) only to be spending the last five seconds going;

“now was it 344 or 334?”

then *ka-boom!*

moral of the story, don’t ever trust me with your spaceship… or something.

p.p.s. i have no idea that if your postscript become 3 times longer than the original message, you have some sort of moral obligation to swap them around. i plan not to lose any sleep over it!

p.p.p.s i have no idea what’s up with the text formatting. wordpress really, really hates me!


8 thoughts on “blogging is a great way to be insulted!”

  1. I can safely say that I would never trust you with my spaceship… but with the ease of opening spaceships online these days I have a number of spaceships that I don’t even know about…come to think of it should I be giving my personal spaceship information out on the internet???

  2. I think the internet is the worst place to display any spaceship information. One minute you’ll be happily computerising something or other, next you’ll look out the window and see some jerk flying off in the spaceship you never knew you had, and flipping you off while he’s at it.

    The internet is dangerous. And, clearly, insulting.

    “Stepping Off: I May Be Single, But I Am Not Alone”.

    Of course, only single people have spaceships. With the exception of K, obviously.

  3. I’m totally in love with the comments in this thread. You’re both wonderful people for joining me in madness. I’ll get right on to sending both of you a spaceship.

  4. I just tried to find a spaceship online. Either I’m stupid, or it’s not as easy as you’re making out K (probably the former).

  5. I just checked in here after opening another spaceship and I can tell you its NOT WORTH A DIME

    I mean kids these days! HONESTLY!

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