Sadly, no.

So you would think as the person credited with coming up with this months Monday Project theme, I would have been chock full of creative ideas…

Sadly, no.


But as it turns out, lonely mountain tops really don’t get good internet connection.

So stuff that!

Anyway, panic attack over. I started thinking about ideas.

I had two ideas. One, upset looking person surrounded by giant faces. I dismissed this almost instantly  as being too cliché.

The second, was simply the words in a speech bubble. Looking very cartoony.
I had the idea of doing it in really bright colours, giving it maybe a Lichtenstein effect. I wanted to counter the negative sounding phrase, by having this bright, innocent looking image.

Happy with this idea, I did what I do best… procrastinated. Normally not a huge problem for me but this time when I did start to work on it, my heart wasn’t in it any longer. See for yourself…

Sunglasses may be required!
Sunglasses may be required!

Really, it wasn’t happening…

Also, I recently had seen the John Brack exhibt at the Ian Potter Centre. I had been really inspired by what I consider a fascinating show. John Brack’s work and philosophy had evolved so much over his life and there was amazing examples of each stage. So I had a lot of insperation and I wanted to try some things that had really stood out to me.

Then in May 31st, I got a message that ‘a simple tune’ and one of her friends were going to the cinema that happens to be right near Bar Nancy. The place that got me inspired for the storybook theme. I decided I was going to go with my cliché idea, but change it to introduce the elements I had been thinking about since John Brack. Hell, I’m pretty sure I said to someone just last week, that just because it’s a clichie doesn’t automatically make it invalid…

I turned down the invite to the movie but said I’d be in Bar Nancy when they got out.

I walked up, got my first beer and spent 15 minutes doing a rough pencil outline. I knew I only had a couple of hours, so had reconciled myself it was going to be a pretty rough piece.

Sadly, no.
Sadly, no.

Really, I had intended the floor to go on much further, but rushed my composition a little too much. Also, I’m not convinced about not continuing the crosshatch shading in the disapproving faces… but I wanted to avoid making them looking too mean or evil. I was hoping for a sadness about being stern. The denied figure was put in to a pin stripe suit, partly because it was another Brack influence, but also because I wanted the position (cross legged) to be childlike yet wanted to avoid it being seen clearly as a child.

A.S.T. and her friend got to the bar as I was doing the bottom left hand corner. I was probably a little rude (sorry!) and I refused to put down my pen until I’d finished what I was working on.

All in all, there is a heap I would change if I was ever to do a second draft, but I’m happy for the 2-2.5 hour piece that it is.


3 thoughts on “Sadly, no.”

  1. oh wow! i like them both but i LOVE the second one. i like that the cross hatching stops at the faces, it makes them stand out and seem really…whats the word… i dunno hahah it makes them seem even bigger and more important than the sad character… i like it 🙂

    the first one is good too, it reminds me of happy 80’s and 90’s sitcoms…

  2. I love them both as well! I can picture the first coming out of the mouth of an overly-happy clown.

    And I like that the middle face in the second one has a brow furrow that looks like a crucifix. I’m not sure if that was intentional or not, but it works anyway!

    “Idiot Syndrome & A Repost”

    The automatic generator is at it again.

  3. Yeah, I did feel a bit shunned… but the wannabe artist in me completely understood 😉

    As I commented when I arrived at Bar Nancy, I am TOTALLY impressed by the effort. Being a big John Brack fan, I can see the areas where you have been inspired.

    Well done Mr Sketchy!

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