So there is this training program at work, for the 2IC role within the different teams. I imagine it’s to keep us all excited that there is a career path for us, but they don’t want us to get too excited and actually think about management positions because, after all we don’t have a degree in ‘introducing policies that will end up being useless or detrimental and have to be revoked in 6 months.” Plus, god forbid if someone with a little knowledge of actually what goes on gets in the position where they may have some input on a important decision.

Anyway, I applied cause there was so little to do, I thought it might fill in time. Plus there is a little bit of a pay bump which is never to be sneezed at. Unfortunately, it means just doing a lot more reports and paperwork and things like that. Basically anything too boring and repetitive for management or team leaders to do.

Yesterday, I received an email saying I’ve got an interview for the program.

I’m now trying to remember why the hell I sent in my application. I’m not convinced the benefits are worth all the hassle.

As part of the interview process, I’ve got to give a presentation including “the 3 top issues I see the company has.”

I’m tempted to do one about the impending invasion by the aliens from the planet Xzzffaght. Cause really, if humankind is enslaved, it could really affect the 4th-quarter projected outcomes.

My friend would refer to this as a CLM (Career Limiting Moment).

Still the idea tickles my funny bone. I may be unemployed soon…

Any suggestions for the other two issues?


5 thoughts on “CLMs”

  1. I think you could definitely make reference to the underground online spaceship-selling movement, and how the company has not yet made the most of this opportunity (I assume).

    And this will tie in very nicely with your other space-themed point about the potential for alien invasion.

    Seriously though, how about you bring up how your company deals with external companies (ie, mine) in such an annoying way? They should practice humility, rather than assuming that they are somehow related to the elusive Bees Knees. It’s bad PR.

  2. And when I say ‘mine’, I actually am only referring to how your company affects my work within my company in particular. They drive me insane. And they have a young man, whom I find irritating, calling me every half hour because your company is so annoying high-maintenance.

    1. So annoyingly high-maintenance that I can’t even spell ‘annoyingly’.

      Wow. I didn’t realise I was so annoyed about this…

      Oh, and by the way, congrats on getting the interview.

  3. heh. Three comments in a row… I’d say you’re annoyed. When I become CEO, I’ll look into it, it’s only a matter of time.

    Unless the Xzzffaghtians have their way…

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