So, you tell me…

OK, to follow up from yesterdays post.
I was working on my next Monday Project Submission while having a couple of beers. I actually have another idea, but it’s very technical and involved a lot more planning.
But while trying to work it out I stumbled on doing this…


Very similar in someways to this old drawing I did years and years ago. Back when the earth was young…

ripples the first
ripples the first

But I think I stuffed up the lighting. I want the light source, to be from the top left corner, even though to top left is in shadow…

The main problem is… I think that involves shifting the lines that are shaded. However, that’s really hard when you have all these intersecting lines. It’s really hard to keep track of what’s what, especially after a couple of beers. I’m starting to suspect some sort of maths may be involved, to determine the number of circles and distance between them to make things easier.
But then again maybe not…
So any advice people?

[Updated; If you haven’t yet, go check out A Simple Tunes submission for last months theme. Not only is it fantastic, it’s a new medium for the Monday Project submissions…]


3 thoughts on “So, you tell me…”

  1. You did that when you were drinking?! I can’t even draw that well when I’m sober!

    Well done… can’t wait to see this other idea of yours!

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