Ok, this is both embarrassing and really cool.

Subtitle; A brief history of mr sketchy.

OK, first of all if you go back to my very first post you’ll see my storybook picture for the Monday Project. But if I’m honest, that wasn’t my first post. I wrote two others, but I deleted them before taking the blog in a different direction.

I started reading blogs more years ago than I can remember. The first blog I can remember getting into was the cartoonist Tom Tomorrow. After that I got into a lot of political blogs and a few other cartoonists. Over the years I’ve built up over a dozen blogs I read regularly if not daily. But never had I been tempted to try blogging myself.

Then when I was going through a extended quiet period at work that was rapidly eating through my sanity, I came across this post

One of the first times I had laughed out loud reading a blog. I soon came across this one.

That was it, I was hooked.

The Bloggess has to be the most enjoyable blog on the face of the planet. Or the internet. If that has a face. Ok that has gone horribly wrong. The thing is The Bloggess simply writes the way I wish I could. She has the type of humour that I wish I were brave enough to say (or write).

It was her blog that finally inspired me to give blogging an attempt myself.

Now this is the embarrassing part….

A couple of Fridays ago I had a lot to drink, including red wine, which I normally avoid cause it has a habit of knocking me totally on my arse. So in this state, I made the unwise choice of getting on the internet.

Now I had always planned to write a post like this acknowledging the influence and inspiration of the bloggess. But while I was barely able to type, I thought I’d write my very first fan letter ever instead.

Yeap… you can see where this is going…

My subject line was “I would totally stalk you but I can’t be bothered…”

I didn’t do myself any favours after that either. I rambled on about how cool I thought her blog was, then somehow got onto rambling about some other blogs that were cool, Catacombe Creative and The Monday Project.

I also suggest some sort of weird reverse interview thing, which I thought was really amusing at the time, but on reflection, no, Not so much.

Anyway, I hit ‘send ‘and promptly passed out. The next morning I woke up, remembered the email and promptly put it that well used part of my mind which houses embarrassing things I’ve done while drunk and am determined the best course of action is simply not think about it ever again.

So imagine my surprise when she actually sent a cool reply. Actually apologising for taking a few days…

How freaking cool is that?

Honestly, you have to go read The Bloggess. Click the link or you’re dead to me!


2 thoughts on “Ok, this is both embarrassing and really cool.”

  1. ohhh i love the bloggess, she is very funny! and its very funny you emailed her… but why the hell not? good on you!

    and i love the important work documents above hehe

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