mr sketchy takes note!

The other day I had a meeting at work I had to go to.

It was basically a meeting to explain the drastic restructure that management rushed into implementing last year and how it really wasn’t working so they maybe wanted some feedback from the staff who actually do the work while they work out what the hell to do next. Though of course, they didn’t call it that. It was a ‘future’ meeting. I was sorely disappointed when no one mentioned time travel even once.

Of course, the cynic in me believes it was more of a meeting about the drastic restructure management rushed into implementing last year and how it really wasn’t working and while they already had come up with another half arsed plan that they are going to implement no matter what, they wanted a meeting with the staff so we can feel ‘involved’.  Plus, that way when it doesn’t work, they can spread the blame around a bit more.

Anyway, since it was such an important meeting and I am such a valuable and keen employee *cough* *cough* I took a notebook and pen with me to capture the moment. After all, it was a meeting that ended up going for three and a half hours. We had a lot of vital information to absorb.

Now at great personal risk to my career and in a complete breech of corporate privacy, I have decided to share all of my notes with you in full. For those of you unexperienced in the corporate world, the way large profit driven companies develop strategies prepared to be shocked…

Time well spent...
Time well spent...

P.S. Oh, yeah. I didn’t get the 2IC role. I am shocked and/or horrrified!


2 thoughts on “mr sketchy takes note!”

  1. With the freaking day I’m having you don’t know the half of it!

    I’m seriously close to losing my cool! And possibly my job…

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