Jumping in Puddles

OK, I’m a trying to get my Monday Project submission in on time.

So, first the picture, then as standard the explanation.


First of all, I have to say this wasn’t my first idea. Actually, as I explained in this post, I wasn’t planning to draw anything like this at all, I just stumble across it trying to work out a pattern to use. That idea was of a stylised series of ripples, drawn to look like a wood carving. Got it?

No, neither did I!

But even that wasn’t my first idea. I had a few cartoon ideas, but I had one little problem. Mainly, I’ve lately been enjoying to a rather insane amount Ben Zen’s blog. There is something about his characters, like this picture. I love the amount of character and emotions he gets out of the amount of line work he uses.

So I was finding that the cartoons I had pictured had characters in it that were obviously inspired by Ben Zen’s work. Since I have been too lazy to comment on his blog, I didn’t feel right about following through with this.

Anyway, so I went with the wood-carved-water-drawn-with-pencils idea.

But that was a lot of work.

So when I stumbled on the above picture, I decided to just run with it. The funny thing I can remember my art teacher from year 11 saying if you were going to do an ‘action’ picture (and I did think “jumping in puddles” had a bit of movement and action to it) why not draw just before or after the event.

So here is my picture, a puddle just after it’s been jump in… and out of!

[Note; For some reason the scan of the picture was pretty lousy. I’ve done myself a small injury and wasn’t in the mood to spend too much time on the computer when I was posting this. I may try to upload a cleaner version later on…]


4 thoughts on “Jumping in Puddles”

  1. Why thank you.

    The graininess of the picture is bugging me thought. I think I’m gonna have to fix that up…

  2. I just worried in the middle top bit, where all the ripples are overlapping it makes it a bit… messy…

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