I know I’ve been quiet…

Sorry for the prolonged silence. Unfortunately this weekend is going to be a bit of a write-off as well.

My old flatmates, husband and wife pair, have been doing major renovations to their house. They’ve pulled down the back half and having been living without a proper kitchen, bathroom or toilet (they’ve got this deluxe port-a-loo, complete with shower sitting in their front yard) for a while now.

Oh, and did I mention the wife is only around 2 weeks off giving birth to their first child.

So,  despite my record of measuring twice, cutting once and swearing a 1000 times, cause I’ve still managed to stuff it up, I’ve volunteered to help them out with some of the tasks they are doing themselves.

It does feel good to do some physical work, but I’m getting home and really feeling too tired to write about the stupid things I seem to do in my life. However, you can rest assured, I’m still doing stupid things!

The other downside is that I haven’t been drawing much of late. Which I’m finding incredibly frustrating. But I’ve got a couple of ideas for a special project.

Top secret for now…


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