Quick question…

OK, I was around at ‘a simple tune’s’ place the other day.

She had her guitar on her bed as she was cleaning up the place and I was walking past I had the thought;

“Heh, that guitar looks like it’s sleeping!’

Then I thought, ‘I wonder what a guitar would dream about?’

Then I wondered ‘Is this a normal thing to think about?’

So my question is; is that the right order for a chain of thought? Or should the ‘normal’ question happen earlier on in the process?

I wonder about these things…


6 thoughts on “Quick question…”

  1. After reading this, both my guitar and I are completely zenned out right now… I should write a song about the above post! Stay tuned 🙂

  2. Actually, I meant to write “What music would a guitar dream about”…

    But I didn’t.

    I’m an idiot. However, I struggle by…

    Would like to hear the end result, btw.

  3. Since guitars can only communicate in music, it works the way you first wrote it… I’m going with that angle.

  4. I often wonder things like this. But I don’t usually find myself thinking, “Is this normal?”

    So I don’t know what that says, about me or you.

  5. Yah! Sorry y’all, totally unexpected break. But my monday project will be up tomorrow or the day after…

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