A box of sunshine

OK, I know I’ve been slack and/or quiet. I don’t have a real reason, but that normally wouldn’t keep me from babbling on for three paragraphs to try to convince you otherwise.

However, the post is about my Monday Project submission.

Normally, I’d say “here is the picture, read after for the explanation’ but since I took this months theme rather literally it doesn’t really seem to need a lot of explanation.

Plus, y’know. I’m drunk…

So here is this pic. I’m hoping to do more posts this later this week…. So don’t say I haven’t warn you!



5 thoughts on “A box of sunshine”

  1. Thanks everyone! 🙂

    Actually, I usually don’t have too much trouble drawing hands, but for some reason I found these ones to be a real bugger!

    Fortunately, I was carrying around my pencils in a wooden box, so I could just grab that at the corners to get a reference.

    Still I think I may have stuffed up the size… I think one hand is bigger than the other.

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