So, apparently it’s genetic!

I got a couple of texts from my mother the other day. She was at a conference in Sydney. Something to do with the IT system where she works.

I thought she sounded very bored.

The next day I got another text, she wanted to show me the notes she had taken. The page on the left being day one, the right being day two.

The similarities in focus and dedication to workplace learning are frightening.

(Click  to embiggen)

PS… ok. Click the left on to embiggen. The right doesn’t want to. I tried posting all this via my iPhone an it’s not really doing it for me.


5 thoughts on “So, apparently it’s genetic!”

  1. OOoooO, that’s purrrrty! She draws eyes better than you too dude! Heh…And balloon people!! Well either that or floating swimmers…

    Have I just made a link from balloons to sperm? Why yes, yes I have.

  2. Why, yes. Yes you have Leesh.

    About a picture my mother drew. Fantastic. I don’t think there is enough therapy in the world for me now! :p

    Also, K. My mother saw your comment. She has assured me she now feels like she is enjoying an ego trip. I’m sure I haven’t heard the last of this… Of course, neither has my therapist, thanks LEESH!!!!

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