Ok, to be honest, I got nuttin’.

But I did see balloons this morning…


I was watching them float across they sky and decided I’d take a photo.

When I first looked up, there were four balloons and they all were firing their engine thingies… (google tells me it’s called a ‘burner’ but I’m sure everyone knows what I mean!) It was quiet a sight to see them all lit up and it was an impressive sight. Also, from my vantage point they were floating over some train lines, each finding it’s own ‘segment’ between the different cables. I was really hoping they would all light their… “burners”… again and I could catch it on my camera on my phone. But the balloons wouldn’t play along.

They wouldn’t sync up their engines again and one would always be out of position in relation to the cables. I was walking around in circles with a clicking noise emitting from my my phone while I holding up to the sky.

So, as a magical sight hot air balloons can be on a dark morning, they still can also be complete bastards!

But still…



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