Oh Monday, where is my Sunday coffee?

Sitting at my desk at work drinking coffee isn’t quiet the same as having my cappuccino at Laurent Patisserie in Little Collins St with SimpleTune yesterday. I don’t care it was drizzling. The company was better and there were less fluorescent lights!

Anyway, I was playing around with that “My Hipstamatic Prints” app on my iPhone. Yes, yes, I know it’s a cheesy little application that pretty much just runs your picture through a set of filters and really, I could do them all myself in photoshop, but shaddup! It’s easier this way!

This isn’t the most flattering photo of the view. But I kind of like that about Melbourne’s alleyways… They all seem to have their own unique personality… and that’s even before you look above the street level.

Anyway, I can’t work out which one I prefer. The one with some colour or the slightly out of focus (ahem, unintentionally) black and white one…

What’s your opinion?


8 thoughts on “Oh Monday, where is my Sunday coffee?”

  1. Yeah, the angle was pretty much a fluke. Me twisting over my coffee while trying to protect my iPhone from the rain… It’s one of the reasons the angles are so different between the two shots.

    Well, that and the app’s view finder seems to throw out some pretty random results…

  2. I have to admit, at first I liked the black and white one the most. I think it’s because I was focusing on the pattern in and made by the windows. I also think I prefer some of the light glare in the black and white one.

    But the colour one is growing on my. The angle is more dynamic and the grey/green does give it an extra edge…

  3. The first one is a lot more foreboding in a daunting sense. I feel a sense of dread and fluorescent lit monotony from the color one.

    The black and white one however has a very haunted feel. Like the office is filled with ghosts from the war.

    Sounds like I see death. Although considering the office…it’s not far from personal truths of late.

  4. Go green I say…just bit more like it is from another world. B&W one is OK, just green has more of an edge.

  5. Green does seem to be the favorite… As I said earlier, I think the angle in that one is more dynamic as well, which helps with the ‘attitude’ behind it…

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