One of those mornings…

Urgh. I’m having one of those mornings where I just can’t get my head together.

You know the type of mornings where you get to the train station and you have to pause because you’re struck by the thought “Did I remember to put pants on before I left the flat?”

And what’s worse is when you have the same thought 20 minutes later but can’t remember the answer from the first time…

Yeah, that’s the kind of morning I’m having. I just can’t get my head together So here is an old doodle, done on one of the many previous days where I’ve turned up to work with this problem.

falling face

PS. On the bright side though, next week is looking cruisey…it worked out this way;

Monday is a public holiday.

I had Friday off as an RDO cause I’m seeing Circus Oz on Thursday night.

Then the company I’m working for said it was going to hold a ‘fun day’. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week we had to turn up to someplace with a stack of other people from all around company for a day of “activities and fun”. Of course, to maximize the fun, all the activities are top secret until we turn up. We weren’t going to be told till today which of the two days we’re meant to turn up to it. Now while I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad I also couldn’t help but to wonder if I could get out of it if I gouged my eye out with a rusty spoon.

Now I’m known for dreading corporate events like this, so my team leader joked, ‘I suppose you’ll take a leave day then?’… and I thought maybe that idea was a better alternative to the rusty spoon.

But now, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be Tuesday or Wednesday, so the safest thing to do would be to take them both off. But then meant I would only have to turn up on thursday next week and that just seemed silly.

So I’ve got all of next week off….


7 thoughts on “One of those mornings…”

  1. You forgot to specify whether or not you were wearing pants today. But…I’ll leave that one alone.

    So what are you up to next week? LET’S CATCH UP!! I get paid on Wednesday so I’m thinking..any day is good for me after then really. Although that being said I also get paid this Friday too. EXCITEMENT!!

    I would normally be insanely jealous of your week off. But I’ve had a couple of months off and this is my first week back at work…so. GOOD FOR YOU SKETCHYKINS!! GOOD FOR YOU!!

  2. I am so unimpressed right now…. Mind you I can’t really bitch I only have to work 3 days next week.

    I will more than likely phone in the effort for 2 of those as well.

  3. Hey Leesh, I’m sure a little catch up could be arranged. You still got my email address?

    Kel. Only 2? I’m so disappointed!

  4. Umm… how did I miss the fact that your blog is now more prolific than mine? Glad to see you back here though.

  5. Heh, probably cause I’ve hit that stage where I’m busy enough to have stuff to blog about (well, sort of. If you count ‘thinking about crap’ as being busy?!) But not too busy that I actually don’t have the time to blog about it… It’s a fine line.

    And yes, for those that just have to know, I was indeed wearing pants. …This time…

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