Post-it Note Friday

I’m thinking of starting to do this regularly. Which probably means I’ll do it three times then forget…

Anyway, Post-It Note Friday will just be some of the small doodles I’ve done through out the week. Not drawings (or sketches even), but those small scribbles that I make when I’m meant to be giving someone my full attention while they say something incredibly important.

So here we go…

Post It Notes

P.S. My last post about not being sure if I was wearing pants must have offended my jeans and they sought their revenge! Here is an email I sent to ASimpleTune yesterday…

“Urghhhhh…. I just had one of those moments which really makes you question the meaning of life. Or least the design of it. Or at least of balls! I was quietly working away and listening to my iPod when, I guess I must have shifted my weight and… Well…long story short, my pants tried to garrotte my testicles. I let loose a quiet ‘ugf’ when I really wanted to shout “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHohmygodthepainTHEPAIN!” And then had to pull out my headphones, un-focus my eyes and concentrate on not falling off my chair. Really, you don’t know what your missing out on by not having them….”

Curiously she didn’t reply and in a later email I said I really thought it would have provoked a response. She simply wrote: “I was gonna save that to laugh at your face” Personally, my face could have withstood it. It wasn’t the part of my body that was concerning me.

I feel that with all the OH&S stuff about posture while sitting at your desk, they could have slipped this in as a possible consequence of slouching.

P.P.S. for those that haven’t noticed, I’ve finally gotten around to slapping a domain on the blog. You should be able to get here in the future with


2 thoughts on “Post-it Note Friday”

  1. No name. I usually don’t get too involved with these things. I think I drew him in response to a “Everything is fine” statement in a team meeting…

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