Post-it Note Friday

OK, so my first post-it note “I’m going to do this every” Friday was three weeks ago.

However, I’ve been very busy, I’ve got a life y’know. Well not really but I like to pretend.

Two weeks ago, I had the week off work, so I was busy doing things like sleeping in, watching DVDs and playing the xBox. Last week, and this surprised me more than anyone, I was incredibly busy at work. I was working on a project for a different department that required me to use flash (which I haven’t touched for months) and actionscript 3 (which I’ve never tried using before) all while thinking about (and I’m not kidding here) time travel.

But it did make me realise something. Thinking is a lot like sit-ups. You can’t go an extended amount of time without doing any and not avoid struggling and seriously risking hurting yourself when you start again…

Besides that here is a compilation of some of my weekly doodles…


P.S. Started working on a simple idea. Hopefully there will be an update soon.


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