Post-It Note Friday

I’m a little suprised that I don’t have more doodles to show you all this friday.

I spent most of the week in a work shop at the company that pays me to turn up and do… something? I really need to find out what that is one day.

Anyway, like most meetings I seem be told to go to, it was only about 5% relevant to me or my job role. Which is bad enough but just to make sure I suffered, the workshop went for three and a half days. As you can imagine I was expecting to have a lot more doodle time. Especially considering when I got sent to a training session in a similar situation.

However, there were a lot of people there who are… I’m not sure how to describe them, they’re not quite ‘big wigs’ but they are at a level where they could easily get me fired. So the compromise seemed to be that I’d try to a pay attention more often than not and they wouldn’t ask why I was the only person in the room drawing cartoons and checkered patterns all over their notes.

It seemed fair enough…

Post-it note friday

As you probably can tell, it’s a composite from several pages. I’m pretty sure my employers wouldn’t appreciate putting my notes up on the net.

Anyway, another workshop next week. So I’m 99% sure there will be another Post it Note Friday update soon…

Update: Whoopsie. Forgot one!


3 thoughts on “Post-It Note Friday”

  1. Yeah I noticed there wasn’t the same amount of doodling as when I was ‘training’ you in something you couldn’t use(not being passive aggressive I actually knew how pointless it was for you to be there).

    Mind you, you managed to only speak when it was nessesary in this workshop instead of at every interval which still puts you ahead in my mind. . I still wonder if this comment can be reported on?

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