War Artists…

Ted Rall is an American political cartoonist and writer whose work I follow on and off. In all honesty, he’s far more left wing than I am (and I consider myself fairly left wing). So some of he’s view points sometimes leave me shocked and thinking “he’s gone too far.”

Still, his work is often great and he makes his points clearly. Plus, I think it’s good to be shocked by someone who is, generally speaking, on your own side of the political spectrum.

Mat Bors is another political cartoonist and illustrator whose work I only discovered a few months ago. I’m looking forward to seeing his graphic novel, ‘War is Boring’ which should be out now, or very soon.

Why am I explaining this? Coincidently, I was just watching a story on ABC2, ‘The Quarters’ about Australian ‘Official War Artists’ being sent to Iraq and Afghanistan. It explained how they spent 6 weeks travelling with Australian soldiers.

Currently, Ted Rall and Matt Bors are travelling with Steven Cloud through the north of Afghanistan. They are not travelling with soldiers. They are not sticking to the safe areas. It’s just the three of them.

Ted Rall has been to Afghanistan before. He’s stated one of his goals from this trip is to try and find the translator who in Rall’s own words, saved his life on the original trip.

This is apparently Bors first trip outside of the US.

They both have stocked up on the sketchbooks and are regularly sending back drawings, with Rall keeping a dairy in comic form.

I really recommend checking both of them out. You can find Rall’s at his blog, and Bors at his.

I’m intrigued about the images, despite the difference in mediums, I’m intrigued what sort of imagery and messages are sent back from a couple of American political cartoonist and the Australian official war artists.


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