If you go to the market today. Or more to the point on Sunday.

OK, so my keys to this place still work.

I’ve been a little busy in real life. I’ve had a couple of freelance jobs, social commitments and to round it off, fun times with the flu and general lack of sleep.

Still, since I know you all come here for the pictures (and in all honesty, I don’t blame you. One day I will learn how to write an interesting blog post!) I’ll share an image of one of the freelance jobs.

Birds Are Confused

It was work for a friend, who in her own words; ‘recycle and remake clothing into modern & quirky one-off pieces’ under the name of ‘Birds Are Confused’.

I designed her a logo and something that could be used both as a mini business card and a swing tag on the clothing. In all honesty, you could say this is a ‘beta version’ as I’ve been intending to go back and actually hand draw the bird in the logo. This one is just a vector version, as it was just easier to design one directly on the old computer.

Anyway, check out her blog to see some examples of her work.

More importantly, if you’re in Melbourne, go to the Abbotsford Convent Market this Sunday and look for her and another talented friend, operating under ‘Just Like Nanna’ who creates hand-made coat hangers just like Nan used to make as well as blackboard vases and plates. Who is actually too busy right now to start a blog (boo!)

There are two markets running at the convent that day, an arts market (which will be indoors – this is Melbourne and the Flying Spaghetti Monster only knows what the weather will be!) as well as a ‘finders keepers’ (second hand) market. Plus live music and the such that go along with markets.

Go, visit Birds Are Confused and Just Like Nana. Buy stuff. Have fun!


Complement Birds Are Confused on her business cards!!!!


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