Monday Project Submission: Canberra Autumn

Surprisingly, this months Monday Project theme came to me easily this time around.

So, here is the picture and below a brief story…

Canberra Autumn
Canberra Autumn

So I had joined some friends at the pub, but since they had to talk business, I broke out the sketch book so I wouldn’t interfere.

Now at first I had absolutely idea what I was going to do. I’ve never been to Canberra, so I was at a lost on how to start. I wanted to avoid all the jokes about Canberra and really, with that said, 99% of my knowledge of the town was out the window. So I focused on the ‘autumn’ part.

Trees and leafs are a favorite of mine to draw and I quickly had sketched out the leaf followed by the rest of the layout, which was influence by the picture Soph took and had put in the post of the theme. My first thought was to complete the picture in pencil. However, I had bought a new toy, a wacom tablet. So I scanned it in and finished traced over and finished it on the computer.

The font choice was more a gut feeling and going with something I like more than anything else…

Anyway, I’m happy with this one.


3 thoughts on “Monday Project Submission: Canberra Autumn”

  1. Love the depth you have managed to get … the B & W image is perfect for autumn. I really lke that font too.

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