Sparkapolooza: Let them eat cake.

Recently, via the twitter networks, I was shown this great blog Sparkapolooza, which is in a similar theme to the Monday Project except a new brief is up every two weeks. Please pop by and have a look it’s got some really, really lovely work submitted there.

I really couldn’t get it together to come up with their last theme but this time around they’ve got: “Let them Eat Cake”.

My work being what it is, is still dead quiet and I had a image in my mind to go with this phrase. Normally I don’t break out the sketchbook at work cause management don’t like it. Thankfully management had been struck with a lot of meetings and absenses, so I was able to knock this up between the odd email. Really, I’d prefer to spend another couple of hours refining finishing sketching out the picture but alas, nobody knows what meetings the future will bring management. So I thought I’d stick up what I managed to get done today.

Let Them Eat Cake

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