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Caption Contest: With chance to win absolutely nothing!

Sorry people, no prizes. I’m just doing this because I’m really, really bored.

I started this picture this morning and I was wondering if anyone had an idea for a caption to go into the picture.

Just put your suggestions in the comments.



Yeap, that’s the best I can do for a title at the moment.

I’m feeling a little like this;


To prove the point about what I said in my previous post about doing something stupid, I threw my back out on Sunday helping to load up a skip. It still pains me pretty much all the time and I haven’t really had a good nights sleep in the last couple of days.

On top of that, I’ve just been through one of those financial moments where I simply couldn’t work out how I had so little money and so many bills. Fortunately the end is in sight and at least that problem is back under control.

Also, my mobile has become possessed and is ringing people in at random. On Monday it rang one person 4 times at around 12:30 in the morning. So I’m expecting a restraining order in the mail any day now. Or a letter bomb. Or both.

And just to cap it off, I feel like I haven’t had any ‘chill out’ time for weeks. I still haven’t done any drawing of late. The above one was something I did back in my late teens. I must have scribbled it on a passing dinosaur.

So really, between the pain, the lack of sleep, the stress, the annoyances and the frustration, I’m starting to feel a little grumpy.

I hope you all are doing better…

You can’t go home again…

Well, you can, but you might regret it.

At home for my brothers 40th, which is today. So this will be very quick.

I’m very, very scared by my family. They’re good people… but insane. Frightenly so. However, they are giving me beer, so I won’t complain.

More later… maybe.

The answer…

OK, so I emailed the person I know and forwarded them yesterdays post.

I got the annoyingly sensible answer, that while they weren’t comfortable with me talking about this issue in a public forum, it was my blog to do with what I wanted.

So for now I have, because of circumstances, I decided on the following course of action.

I’m going to start drafting up a post that talks about all the things about this particular situation that has annoyed me, but talk about it in a more general sense.

And yes, I agree, I’m wussing out and falling into my old habit of self censoring (which I agree with Miss Maybel, is a pretty unappealing idea.) However, I feel in this particular situation, is the right path to take.

Keep tuned, it won’t be my next post but it will be soonish…

An actual email conversation I had at work today…

First email was at 9.08am

When you have a minute, may I have this artwork please?


Gather $10000000 in unmarked bills and/or small change. Preferably $1 coins, cause I got a lot of laundry to do.

Place it in a black sports bag and leave it under the most northwest seat in the park. I’m not sure which park, but one with a northwest seat would be good. And ducks, I like ducks.

Once I collect the money I’ll send you the artwork.

If I see any police, the artwork gets it…
Thanks for the great instructions – would you please get these two artworks for me as well?

As for the ducks! I’ll make sure I get some for you.


Can you get me trained ducks? You know, ones that can do tricks and attack people on command? Cause, that would totally rock!

I’d bring them into work and if a annoying sales rep called me I could scream into the phone “DON’T MAKE ME SICK MY DUCKS ON YOU!!! THEY’LL TOTALLY DUCK YOU UP, MUTHADUCKER!”
Of course, I’d then I’d need some sort of animal to send after HR before they could fire me… For some reason that sounds like a task for echidnas…
And another one [piece of artwork]

It looks like I will have to cover your desk with ducks.



I don’t think I can train a duck… but we’ll see what we can do



Hmmm maybe when I get these trained ducks, I’ll start a debt collection business…

Then I could walk around the office with my trained ducks saying to people “You promised to pay up yesterday. Mr Quack here gets upset when people break their promises. It makes him want to break things as well… Knees for example.”
Then BAM! The ducks can totally go nuclear on them.

So please find highly trained ducks with a background in loansharking. (Or would that be loanducking)

LOL – I’ll look into it.

So that you can have your own entourage.


I’d be like the Dr Dolittle of the criminal world ‘cept that is a silly name and my entourage would have to spend most of it’s time beating people up for calling me that, which would eat into their racketeering time. I don’t think criminal minded ducks have good time management skills…

Gee, this Friday has turned bizarre quickly!

Honestly, I don’t know why work lets me have email!

Bugger and Damn.

Laptop is toast.

Quickly throwing this post before I run screaming out of work (the best way to leave work in my opinion, no one tries to stop you!)

This was something I came across last week. It’s not photography, drawing or writing, but rather a small thing about a new idea with an old building material.

“light-transmitting concrete”

I really urge you too click the link. I cant tell you how much I love the idea of having a wall that I could watch the sadow of a tree travel across throughout the day…

The things that make me excited!?!