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The Monday Project

Last week the Monday Project re-launched, and a new project theme is up and running for all that wish to take part.

As you may or may not know, I’m helping Soph and Kate organise things this year, but I thought it may be worth explaining why. And no, it’s not because I thought the MP blog would benefit from the spelling mistakes, typos and wanton disregard for grammar and readability that most people expect from my ramblings. Not at all.

I originally joined the Monday Project, because it can be really hard to keep up with being creative. As someone who does enjoy just relaxing and doing nothing, watching movies, having the odd drink, having the odd drink with friends, and doing all those boring things like work (including the occasional freelance job) and paying bills, I often find that months have gone by without allowing myself a couple of hours just to sit down and draw.

By joining the Monday Project, I found it easier to schedule myself an afternoon or two a month to motivate myself to be creative again.

Another unexpected bonus was how much I would end up drawing things I would rarely come with on my own. The Monday Project themes will often lead me to draw subjects that were totally different than the typical illustrations I used to create just for myself. I would often still use my own styles and techniques, but would end up with an image completely unlike the work in the rest of my portfolio.

Something else I’ve noticed, is that when getting involved the projects, I started to take a little more notice of the creative things around me. In truth, most of my submissions to the Monday Project were done in one or two afternoons. For me, it was a great way to experiment, and to take things I had seen recently… exhibitions, posters, books, movies, and even ads… and try to adapt what caught my eye into that submission.

And of course, I’ve met some really interesting people being part of the Monday Project.

So when real life meant the first Monday Project went on hiatus for a while, I really did nag Soph about it… Repeatedly. I found again without the deadline, I was, once again, going back to months at a time going past without me putting pencil (or pen) to paper. And at a certain point, I realized there was only so much I could nag other people, before putting my money where my mouth is, and actually offer to help out.

I’ve found the Monday Project to be a fun and rewarding collective to be a part of. So really, that’s why I’m excited about the site being re-launched.

Mr Sketchy

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If you go to the market today. Or more to the point on Sunday.

OK, so my keys to this place still work.

I’ve been a little busy in real life. I’ve had a couple of freelance jobs, social commitments and to round it off, fun times with the flu and general lack of sleep.

Still, since I know you all come here for the pictures (and in all honesty, I don’t blame you. One day I will learn how to write an interesting blog post!) I’ll share an image of one of the freelance jobs.

Birds Are Confused

It was work for a friend, who in her own words; ‘recycle and remake clothing into modern & quirky one-off pieces’ under the name of ‘Birds Are Confused’.

I designed her a logo and something that could be used both as a mini business card and a swing tag on the clothing. In all honesty, you could say this is a ‘beta version’ as I’ve been intending to go back and actually hand draw the bird in the logo. This one is just a vector version, as it was just easier to design one directly on the old computer.

Anyway, check out her blog to see some examples of her work.

More importantly, if you’re in Melbourne, go to the Abbotsford Convent Market this Sunday and look for her and another talented friend, operating under ‘Just Like Nanna’ who creates hand-made coat hangers just like Nan used to make as well as blackboard vases and plates. Who is actually too busy right now to start a blog (boo!)

There are two markets running at the convent that day, an arts market (which will be indoors – this is Melbourne and the Flying Spaghetti Monster only knows what the weather will be!) as well as a ‘finders keepers’ (second hand) market. Plus live music and the such that go along with markets.

Go, visit Birds Are Confused and Just Like Nana. Buy stuff. Have fun!


Complement Birds Are Confused on her business cards!!!!

Life is my inspiration…

I hate myself for that post title already…

But anyway, it was my birthday the other week. I celebrated in my usual way, which was by allowing myself to get a little grumpery and talking disparagingly about younger folk. Y’know, stuff that makes me happy.

But besides that, ASimpleTune has paid for me to do some life drawing classes

Life Drawing

I’m doing them at the Guildford Lane Gallery. The classes for the last two weeks have been small, only around 4-5 people but the trainer has told us the class does sometimes get up to 12 to 15 people.

The classes are tutored (not sure if this the most up to date link, but I can’t find a better one at the moment), so a teacher supports and gives advice as you go. In the two weeks I’ve been there has the classes have followed a format. A series of 30 second to 1 minute poses, follow by around 3 10 minute poses that also explore a certain theme (last week; lines, this week; scale) and finish by a 40 minute (2 x 20 minute) pose. At first I was planning to only do a couple of weeks while I try out the tutored structure, to see how I felt about actually being ‘taught’ in the field of drawing again.

In all honesty, the themed drawings have been my favourite, and I’ve found having a teacher again proving the old lesson, we’re never too old to learn.

Anyway, I’ve got some more pictures, but I’m too lazy to put them up here right now… but they are here at my facebook page.

Drawing under the influence

So I’m enjoying my week off.

My parents visited on the weekend. At 6:30 in the morning, but that aside it was nice to see them.

Anyway, I caught up with friends yesterday, had a few beers and came home and attempted a quick sketch.  I probably would have been better off starting it before the beers, but well, sometimes these things are out of our hands!

Anyway, I was so focused on trying to get the lines right, I didn’t really notice that I had completely stuffed up the face…

Drawing under the influence

(Click to embiggen)

Also. I finally fallen to peer pressure and set up a redbubble account. So, on the off chance you feel like buying some drawings…  y’know…. Go there!

One of those mornings…

Urgh. I’m having one of those mornings where I just can’t get my head together.

You know the type of mornings where you get to the train station and you have to pause because you’re struck by the thought “Did I remember to put pants on before I left the flat?”

And what’s worse is when you have the same thought 20 minutes later but can’t remember the answer from the first time…

Yeah, that’s the kind of morning I’m having. I just can’t get my head together So here is an old doodle, done on one of the many previous days where I’ve turned up to work with this problem.

falling face

PS. On the bright side though, next week is looking cruisey…it worked out this way;

Monday is a public holiday.

I had Friday off as an RDO cause I’m seeing Circus Oz on Thursday night.

Then the company I’m working for said it was going to hold a ‘fun day’. Either on Tuesday or Wednesday of next week we had to turn up to someplace with a stack of other people from all around company for a day of “activities and fun”. Of course, to maximize the fun, all the activities are top secret until we turn up. We weren’t going to be told till today which of the two days we’re meant to turn up to it. Now while I’m sure it wouldn’t be too bad I also couldn’t help but to wonder if I could get out of it if I gouged my eye out with a rusty spoon.

Now I’m known for dreading corporate events like this, so my team leader joked, ‘I suppose you’ll take a leave day then?’… and I thought maybe that idea was a better alternative to the rusty spoon.

But now, I wasn’t sure if it was going to be Tuesday or Wednesday, so the safest thing to do would be to take them both off. But then meant I would only have to turn up on thursday next week and that just seemed silly.

So I’ve got all of next week off….

Time isn’t on my side…

Around a month ago, I decided this year I should actually redo some of my drawings and try to get them to a more finished level. I’m not actually sure what that means, but something a little more than the first drafts that exist in my 20 plus sketch books.

Anyway, I decided I’d start by reworking a drawing I did over… erk. I can’t even remember how long ago. It was back when I was living in Tassie, so that’s over 14 years ago.

Anyway, my style has changed a lot since then, but there seemed to be some sort of balance by starting a new phase of work with one of my earliest pictures.

So,  the picture is “The long walk”.

The Long Walk

I’ve invested in a expensive set of Rotring pens to assist in this project. One of the things I decided I wanted to change about the picture is the figure walking. I’m thinking of updating it to a person in business attire. I’m not sure if that’s just making it more cliché but, I think it’s more fitting for this stage of my life.

So, I started to sketch around with ideas… the first one…


And since then… nothing. Honestly, I don’t know where the time goes. I’m just having so much trouble finding an afternoon where I can sit down and draw. The fact I’m someone who does love just bumming out watching DVDs doesn’t help. Not to mention the after work pubs visits. Hmmm, actually, I’m starting to see the problem…

So basically, maybe I should just move this plan to the “Long term plans” folder.