Things to do…

Bills to pay, people to meet, stuff to read, crap to avoid doing and beers to drink.

Busy night, so for today, I’ll leave you with one of my unfinished pieces.

It’s pastels with acrylic paint. It didn’t really work how I wanted. I was trying to do a leaf, with a pattern instead of veins. But after spending ages on the pastels, I started on the paint and discovered I really have should have left the leaf part much lighter. Maybe I’ll try again one day…

Ehhhhh... sort of getting there, but not really
Ehhhhh... sort of getting there, but not really

Comics. Sometimes they aren’t what they use to be.

I was going to try and re-write my post from yesterday, but it was a long one and I’m tired and feeling like a bit of time away from the computer. So I’ll keep this quick and leave the three or so of you that read this blog with a question.

I love a lot of different comics and cartoons. When I was a kid, Wizard of Id was up there as one of them. Then as I got older, the comic seem to get worse and worse. They seem to be not as well drawn, written and they seem to lose all sense of humour. I now normally cringe when I see them in the paper.

Not so long ago, I found out both the creators (Brant Parker and Johnny Hart) died in 2007. Of course, I personally think the strip would have been hamstrung in it’s later years as Jonny Hart (also creator of BC) went a little of the rails, becoming more in more inclined to include his right wing political views and religious beliefs into the comics he worked on. In my opinion, neither are real comedy boosters.

I understand Parkers son, Jeff Parker, now keeps the strip running. Apparently he assisted with the strip with years before the deaths of the original creators. Unfortunately, I just don’t think he has the talent of his father and I feel a little sorry the strip wasn’t retired.

So I ask you. if you inherited, the rights to a profitable, creative enterprise, such as a comic strip, music or a book series, what would you do? Would you be tempted to try and keep it running?

No post, but this will totally make up for it.

OK, I was writing up today’s blog post, but managed to close the window three quarters through it without saving. That’s what I get for drinking BEER! not concentrating.

So instead I’m going to post a link to something that in my opinion is very, very cool! First, a word of warning though, I have no idea what the site says cause it’s in Russian and there are porn links at the bottom of the page, which makes what I’m about to say in the next paragraph a little disturbing if you think about it too long. The rest of the page is safe and you absolutely have to see it (the page I mean, I’ll leave it up to you if you want to see the porn or not).

Basically, children’s drawings are brought to life via photography. It’s absolutely terrific and I can believe I haven’t seen it more often. Especially without the porn links…

Hopefully, normal posting will return tomorrow.

Being Bored Beyond Belief…

OK, I won’t name the company I work for here, cause getting fired would completely suck I could get into a little trouble. I’ll just say it’s a large corporation.

The thing is, I’m kind of in a supporting role for my department. Meaning that 99.9% of the people that do the same work as I do, work in another department. This causes the problems you would imagine, that I miss important information and what not, cause I’m “in between” all the standard structures.

A good case of this happened the other week. We had to do some training. Now the 99.9% of the people with a similar role to me, had a training course that lasted only a couple of hours. I had to do the one for my department. That went all day. That had nothing to do with what I do in the company. That was absolutely soul destroying a little boring. Let’s look at 2 random little doodles I was working on in training… I’ve retyped the text in a hope it’s a little more readable than my handwriting.



Did you notice the times on them? Honestly after that I wanted to do more, but couldn’t bring myself to. I spent most of the afternoon drawing a brick wall. Partly, because a brick wall was much more interesting, partly because I really want a handy brick wall to bang my head against.

I’m sure the trainers we really impressed…

Old Friends…

OK. I said yesterday that I was in a cranky mood. That hadn’t changed today, but I forced myself out to go and see my old flatmates the Wonderful and Witty Mr & Mrs M.

I’ve been slack in keeping in contact with them since I moved out just before new years, but it was a good boost to the old want-for-social-interaction. Not a minute after I turned up we had BEERS! started a good old fashion catch up.

Mr M is one of my oldest friends and we’ve had times where we’ve been out of touch for a couple of years due to living and work arrangements. But somehow we’ve always managed to pick things up again.

This is probably not of any interest to anyone else, but I can’t help but thinking these are the things to dwell upon every now and then.

Not an amusing post I know, so I’ll end in presenting the literal video translation of “white wedding” (via rumproast)


Freek! The embed isn’t working for some reason… try this

I’ll see if it works tomorrow…

A strange tale of inspiration

Alternative title; Sometimes you get inspired working in a place you don’t think you’re going to get anything done!

So, a great blog that I read regularly is the Monday Project. Below is my latest submission for the last theme, “Story book”. After that is the long explanation on how I got there…


Ok, so I was a little grumpy on Saturday. For a variety of reasons, but mainly because I went out Friday and when I woke up Saturday, I realised I had spent way too much money and drunk way too much a little too much and was praying for death a little hungover.

So I was having trouble getting motivated. Then as further evidence that the universe hates me, after a day of doing nothing, My flat had a power blackout at around 5:30 in the evening. So I decided I would just go to a local bar to pass the time. Still in a grumpy mood at this time, I dismissed calling any friends, thinking I’d just take a book. Then I thought I’d take a sketchbook and see what happened.

After all the place, bar nancy, plays good music, is very quiet and has BEER! a inspirational atmosphere.


Getting set up
Getting set up

I had come up with one other idea for a drawing, but it was one of those where I could see a rough overall layout, but when I tried to imagine any of the details, the layout changed, which I know for me means It most likely to be a frustrating failure once I try to put it on paper.

After some beers and a couple of hours.
After some beers and a couple of hours.

So I sat down and after getting over the horror that is facing a blank page, I drew a book cover, did a bit a spiral out of it. I liked it, it was only a few lines, but it was a start that I saw potential in.

Then I remembered earlier in the week I had fallen asleep reading a book. Like literally, struggling to hold the book upright and keep my eyes open. For some reason, I love it when that happens every now and then (just not too often).

So I thought of including that feeling in the drawing. That’s how I got the end result. OK… it’s not a finished drawing, but I was happy with the sketch. Oh… and I was in a much better mood for doing it!


PS. I just wanted to point out I had a very good time on with interesting and wonderful people on Friday. My bad mood was due to my ability to be a cranky bastard.

PPS.  I know, I know. If I was worried about spending money on Friday, it doesn’t make a lot of sense to go to a bar and spend more money on beer… but BEER!?!?!

PPPS. Happy 60th mum!

An internet sketchbook