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Oh Monday, where is my Sunday coffee?

Sitting at my desk at work drinking coffee isn’t quiet the same as having my cappuccino at Laurent Patisserie in Little Collins St with SimpleTune yesterday. I don’t care it was drizzling. The company was better and there were less fluorescent lights!

Anyway, I was playing around with that “My Hipstamatic Prints” app on my iPhone. Yes, yes, I know it’s a cheesy little application that pretty much just runs your picture through a set of filters and really, I could do them all myself in photoshop, but shaddup! It’s easier this way!

This isn’t the most flattering photo of the view. But I kind of like that about Melbourne’s alleyways… They all seem to have their own unique personality… and that’s even before you look above the street level.

Anyway, I can’t work out which one I prefer. The one with some colour or the slightly out of focus (ahem, unintentionally) black and white one…

What’s your opinion?


Circus Oz

First of all, let me say I’ve never written a review in my life. I think it has something to do with the number of times the word “tasteless” has been used to describe my opinions…

But I’ve decided to move beyond that, simply because this is something that needs to be told.

Circus Oz rocks. Really, that is what it all comes down to!


PS. I’ve just been told that isn’t really a review. In fact it has been rudely pointed out that it barely qualifies as a thought! So for all those people that demand that ‘information’ thing…

The Circus Oz show is an incredible mix of skill and laughter delivered by a performance group with a social conscience.

The performers are all multi-skilled, allowing a variety of acts including, trapeze, tumbling, skating, feats of strength, incredible rope work and an interesting integration of music into the show…

There was less of an overall theme to the show this year as there has been in previous seasons, however several of the acts are related and characters make repeat appearances throughout the show, separated by acts that are just amazing to watch. In many cases the performers supporting an act will be entertaining to watch in their own right.

In the past years, I’ve had a few of my more prudish friends express shock at some of the humour, believing it sometimes get risqué for a family show. (Not to mention some years, the show will have a strong social commentary and some shows that I’ve seen has focused on issues such as immigration or media induced body image problems). All I can say is that at the show I saw last night, children’s laughter could be heard often and loudly during the performance.

The Melbourne 2009 Show runs from 17th June – 12th July (see the Circus Oz website for other locations) and more details are here.

The tickets vary between $47.00 – $69.90 for Adults, $26-$45.00 for children, with Pensioner & Family rates available.* Tickets available here from ticketmaster;

The (heated) big top is located at Birrarung Marr, between Federation Square and Batman Avenue.

Oh, and while there is a there is a large amount of really interesting history behind the Circus, which has been operating for over 30 years (see their website for the background) there is one thing I wanted to point out;;

Circus Oz calls Melbourne their home town and this year they are looking for a larger place to set up. I’m sure buying a ticket will help them out and give you an enjoyable night out, so everyone wins!

*All information gathered from the web. So if it’s not accurate, it’s my fault and know one else’s. But don’t complain to me, cause I don’t care and will likely get very rude. I mean really, if your not going to double check information you get from some called “mr sketchy” there really isn’t anything I can do for you

[UPDATE] Now crossposted at ‘i found you in melbourne’ here. A wonderful blog for all things Melbourne. Be sure to check it out!

So I don’t have a lot to say…

So I’ve been quiet, I know. I just don’t have a lot going on I want to share.

Take that!
So I was going to save this for later, but for lack of anything better to say here is a couple of more pictures I scanned from that old photo album.



I love this one for some reason. The one with the kids seem the most… weird!


A year ago I discovered August Sander. I love these old photos for the same almost surreal emotional feel captured in some of his works.
I would recommend anyone to check out his work and read about his fascinating life.

One last photo. I like this one just due to the ‘I’ve just come from the opium den’ expression.


I think I know where I get my genes from…

Ps. On a totally unrelated (no pun intended) note. Any feedback on the last couple of all lower case posts? Annoying? Didn’t notice? Too ‘80s?

So it’s been a little quiet…

To tell the truth, I have been incredibly busy and will be so for the next week.

I did start to do a post today, it was another rant, but when I think about it, it gets complicated.

It is about someone I know. However, I can’t remember if I ever sent that person a link to this blog. Even if I have, I don’t really care but putting the post up could, and most likely would, make someone we both know very uncomfortable and that’s something I don’t really want to do.

I’m in two minds. Part of me is saying that I’m naturally censor myself too much. This blog was something I wanted to use to get over that. But I’m not sure if dropping a friend in it is a price I want to pay to get over such an issue.

I’m going to wait 24 hours and contact my friend. I’m sure their opinion will influence me, but I don’t know how much in this situation… after all, it’s not this is a widely read blog.

Urg, most of the people that read this are blog writers. Have any of you been through a similar situation and how did you handle it?

Or have I simply made no sense and no-one knows what I mean?

You know, I was saving up really good title…

…for when I got back on the tubes back at home, but I can’t remember it now. Er… the ‘tubes’ means the internet for all you not in the know. Otherwise it sounds weird.  Or like a weird, cheap drink.

I mean “Would you like a refreshing Tubes” doesn’t really work on me, but whatever floats your boat.

So anyway, I’ve got a couple pages in my sketchbook ready to scan in for the latest Monday Project project.  But I’ve had too much BEER! and I can’t remember how to use my scanner am feeling a little too tired right now.

So too sum up.

  1. Beer is good.
  2. If you haven’t checked out the latest Monday project go do so now, time is running out dude!
  3. If you not one of the few the mutual blog readers and/or you haven’t done so already, go wish Miss Maybel a happy birthday!
  4. Hopefully I’ll have a meaningful update soon… with pictures!

Yeah, the internet was totally lacking without me here…