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Two bits of wierdness…

OK, I was doing a little mobile phone shopping today.

I had one of those strange moments waiting to cross the street, when the little green man light up to tell everyone to start walking. As it was on Swanston Street at lunchtime there was a large crowd and there was that human wave of movement as everyone lurched forward almost simultaneously.

Everyone that is, except for the people at the front. It was that weird kind of feeling that none of the people at the front wanted to be the first person to take a step out onto the street. It was like no one wanted the responsibility. No leaders in that group I guess.

Anyway, it got to the stage where I was wondering with what kind of criminal charges could be laid against you for pushing some onto the street, when the little green man is telling you they have right of way when someone got the tide moving.

As I crossed the street I wondered if this minor thing, with it overtones of strangeness, would be the oddest thing that would happen to me today.


I was in a Telstra store, talking to a sales guy about iPhones.  Yes, I’m considering getting one. Call me a geek if you will, or a wanker. But I’d prefer if it you tried to combine the words. Genker? A Weenk? May have to think about this for a bit longer.

Anyway, chatting and rapidly slowly falling for the sales pitch when behind me was this god damn awful scream. I mean I thought someone had opened a flip phone and lost an eye, or someone’s leg had spontaneously fallen off.

I turn around and this professional looking woman, nicely dressed, mid thirties (I guess) is going totally. apeshit. crazy.

She is screaming at some sales guy. From what I can pick up her phone has stopped working, is still under contract, but out of warranty. Something I’m a little sympathetic too, because that’s my situation.

Anyway, she is yelling at the top of her voice. I mean it’s one of those times where the person is screaming words, not just yelling. Like you couldn’t help but to wonder what damage it’s doing to her vocal cords. She’s made the sales guy back up all the way across the store. I mean he was a good foot and a half taller than her and looked built enough that he could pick her up and throw her away with on hand, so I’m guessing he was backing away mainly cause he didn’t have any hearing protection aids on him and was afraid of permanent damage to his ears.

Personally, I liked the bit when the woman screamed “It’s rage against Telstra!” And turned around to address the whole store “Who’s with me people, it’s rage against Telstra.”

Anyway, she gets it out of her system. Is asked to leave the store, refuses and spent the next 10 minutes waiting for the cops to turn up so they can escort her off.

I kinda tuned back out at this point and the sales guy serving me had completely lost his chain of thought so I made an escape to check out some other stores before deciding what I was going to do.

I quickly worked out that the best deal I was going to get was at Telstra. So I ended up going back, pick out a plan and started to work out the contract.

Now, I don’t have a full drivers licence. Only a learner’s permit. They said they couldn’t accept those as id. Even though it’s what I’ve used for id to get every mobile I’ve ever owned. Including my last one from Telstra. Over 18 months ago. Yeap, I went in there a Telstra customer, with bills, id and bank cards. I sat there as he went through my existing contract in front of me on the computer. But I couldn’t get the phone today because my driver’s licence is a learners…

It’s rage against Telstra, people. Rage against Telstra.


Circus Oz

First of all, let me say I’ve never written a review in my life. I think it has something to do with the number of times the word “tasteless” has been used to describe my opinions…

But I’ve decided to move beyond that, simply because this is something that needs to be told.

Circus Oz rocks. Really, that is what it all comes down to!


PS. I’ve just been told that isn’t really a review. In fact it has been rudely pointed out that it barely qualifies as a thought! So for all those people that demand that ‘information’ thing…

The Circus Oz show is an incredible mix of skill and laughter delivered by a performance group with a social conscience.

The performers are all multi-skilled, allowing a variety of acts including, trapeze, tumbling, skating, feats of strength, incredible rope work and an interesting integration of music into the show…

There was less of an overall theme to the show this year as there has been in previous seasons, however several of the acts are related and characters make repeat appearances throughout the show, separated by acts that are just amazing to watch. In many cases the performers supporting an act will be entertaining to watch in their own right.

In the past years, I’ve had a few of my more prudish friends express shock at some of the humour, believing it sometimes get risqué for a family show. (Not to mention some years, the show will have a strong social commentary and some shows that I’ve seen has focused on issues such as immigration or media induced body image problems). All I can say is that at the show I saw last night, children’s laughter could be heard often and loudly during the performance.

The Melbourne 2009 Show runs from 17th June – 12th July (see the Circus Oz website for other locations) and more details are here.

The tickets vary between $47.00 – $69.90 for Adults, $26-$45.00 for children, with Pensioner & Family rates available.* Tickets available here from ticketmaster;

The (heated) big top is located at Birrarung Marr, between Federation Square and Batman Avenue.

Oh, and while there is a there is a large amount of really interesting history behind the Circus, which has been operating for over 30 years (see their website for the background) there is one thing I wanted to point out;;

Circus Oz calls Melbourne their home town and this year they are looking for a larger place to set up. I’m sure buying a ticket will help them out and give you an enjoyable night out, so everyone wins!

*All information gathered from the web. So if it’s not accurate, it’s my fault and know one else’s. But don’t complain to me, cause I don’t care and will likely get very rude. I mean really, if your not going to double check information you get from some called “mr sketchy” there really isn’t anything I can do for you

[UPDATE] Now crossposted at ‘i found you in melbourne’ here. A wonderful blog for all things Melbourne. Be sure to check it out!