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Oh Monday, where is my Sunday coffee?

Sitting at my desk at work drinking coffee isn’t quiet the same as having my cappuccino at Laurent Patisserie in Little Collins St with SimpleTune yesterday. I don’t care it was drizzling. The company was better and there were less fluorescent lights!

Anyway, I was playing around with that “My Hipstamatic Prints” app on my iPhone. Yes, yes, I know it’s a cheesy little application that pretty much just runs your picture through a set of filters and really, I could do them all myself in photoshop, but shaddup! It’s easier this way!

This isn’t the most flattering photo of the view. But I kind of like that about Melbourne’s alleyways… They all seem to have their own unique personality… and that’s even before you look above the street level.

Anyway, I can’t work out which one I prefer. The one with some colour or the slightly out of focus (ahem, unintentionally) black and white one…

What’s your opinion?


Ok, to be honest, I got nuttin’.

But I did see balloons this morning…


I was watching them float across they sky and decided I’d take a photo.

When I first looked up, there were four balloons and they all were firing their engine thingies… (google tells me it’s called a ‘burner’ but I’m sure everyone knows what I mean!) It was quiet a sight to see them all lit up and it was an impressive sight. Also, from my vantage point they were floating over some train lines, each finding it’s own ‘segment’ between the different cables. I was really hoping they would all light their… “burners”… again and I could catch it on my camera on my phone. But the balloons wouldn’t play along.

They wouldn’t sync up their engines again and one would always be out of position in relation to the cables. I was walking around in circles with a clicking noise emitting from my my phone while I holding up to the sky.

So, as a magical sight hot air balloons can be on a dark morning, they still can also be complete bastards!

But still…


So I don’t have a lot to say…

So I’ve been quiet, I know. I just don’t have a lot going on I want to share.

Take that!
So I was going to save this for later, but for lack of anything better to say here is a couple of more pictures I scanned from that old photo album.



I love this one for some reason. The one with the kids seem the most… weird!


A year ago I discovered August Sander. I love these old photos for the same almost surreal emotional feel captured in some of his works.
I would recommend anyone to check out his work and read about his fascinating life.

One last photo. I like this one just due to the ‘I’ve just come from the opium den’ expression.


I think I know where I get my genes from…

Ps. On a totally unrelated (no pun intended) note. Any feedback on the last couple of all lower case posts? Annoying? Didn’t notice? Too ‘80s?

sometimes a family secret is just an upset kid.

one of the things i found interesting when i was back in tassie, was an old family photo album. i’ve never really had any connection with my family history, but i do love some old photos.

but this had something extra to it. a mystery.

to start off, here is a picture of the interior cover. it’s near illegible to me, more because of the writing style and faded ink. but it starts off with the date my great grandmother got married and then lists the birth of all her children.

Inside cover
Inside cover

what got me really interested was the bottom of the page. it looks like someone’s name has been scrubbed out.


there is no record of any children after the name that is listed above. strange, but then one of the pictures inside is this…

as you can tell the face of the baby has been nearly scratched out. (here is a rough highlight.)


add to that, that this is one of the few pictures in the whole album that actually has some hand writing on the back of it. part of it also looks like it’s been scrubbed out.


now the obvious answer was maybe some young kid got to it and in a fit of sibling rivalry tried to removed what ever sibling had ticked them off. it would explain why the picture was defaced rather than thrown away.

my response is, ‘true, but stfu. let me have some mystery in my life!’

the problems are that there is that there looks to be an extra entry on the registry at the front, where there are no official records of another child. hardly any photos inside have any inscriptions to let you know who is who, or when the photo was taken. so basically, considering the multitude of possibilities what may have happened here and the lack of information,  i think this might be a mystery that will never be solved.

still, i would love to here any theories anyone has. even if they are just an overly dramatic made up story.