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I’m Back. And more confused than ever…

Well, since I’m completely overload at work to the point of my is hiding behind the couch 24 hours a day and I can barely remember my name, I thought this would be the perfect time to start blogging again.

Actually, a new Monday Project theme is due, so that seemed like a good reason. I really haven’t been doing enough drawing of late.  I blame summer. There is something about sweating all over a piece of paper and having it constantly sticking to you that takes some of the enjoyment out of it. Maybe its all the graphite shading that you’ve spent hours getting just right, transferring from the page to your elbow?

Anyway, I’m about to put up my submission for the Monday Project. Hopefully that will start me off posting a bit more.

I’m Back. And I’m Mr Sketchy.

Or Sally. I can’t quiet remember at the moment….


Quick question…

OK, I was around at ‘a simple tune’s’ place the other day.

She had her guitar on her bed as she was cleaning up the place and I was walking past I had the thought;

“Heh, that guitar looks like it’s sleeping!’

Then I thought, ‘I wonder what a guitar would dream about?’

Then I wondered ‘Is this a normal thing to think about?’

So my question is; is that the right order for a chain of thought? Or should the ‘normal’ question happen earlier on in the process?

I wonder about these things…

And now some short messages.

It’s a nice day outside, despite the wind. I’ve got to do some house work. Typical.

A warning. There was a dangerously high level of stupidity at my supermarket today. It may not be confined to that one location though. Take care out there.

Using PowerPoint isn’t a sign of computer literacy. It’s a sign of a complete lack of higher-level reasoning and empathy.

Meeting randoms can be fun. Meeting crazies at the tram stop, less so.