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I dream of sleep

First of all, I believe if you’re going to describe a dream you had to someone, you need to keep a twitter length story. Like “I had a dream. There was a talking potato and it was running around on fire.” Any longer and odds are you are going to start boring people.

That said, I’m going to talk about some dreams I’ve had. Every now and then I go through stages where I dream about my day job. Nothing interesting happens in these dreams, I just dream I’m there at work and doing what I do whenever I turn up in the day. It bugs the hell out of me, because so far HR has refused all of my request for overtime that I put for these dream shifts.

I also go through stages, when I’ve been overdoing it a little, where I dream of needing sleep. This usually involves my dreamself, not being able to focus, falling over and generally looking for a place to go to sleep. The main problems with these dreams is they are so boring that they threaten to push me from sleep into a coma.

A few weeks ago my subconscious, in an obvious assault on my conscious mind took this a step further. It combined the two. I had nights in a row where I was dreaming that I was at my job, being assigned work. Each of these assignments when I look at them was ‘sleep.’ I can’t tell you how confusing it is, when you get 6 or 7 hours dreaming of being at work but needing sleep, being woken up by your alarm clock so you can go to work.

I’m not sure what the point of all this is, other than my subconscious is a bastard.

Anyway, a cartoon self-portrait of me in this state to share before I go an have an early night….

Need... Sleep....

So when you say a friendly reminder….

Earlier this week, I got a letter from the real estate property that I rent my flat from informing them I owed them around $450 from last month still.

A couple of things surprised me about this. Not the least was I had paid my rent in full. But what I really liked was the little creative writing exercise that was undertaken while drafting the letter.

After the blunt “You owe us the moolah” was the line “think of this as a friendly reminder”. Oh OK, I’m now relaxed and getting over the shock that I may now have to find a sizable amount of money to pay something I’m pretty sure I’ve already paid so don’t have in my budget. It’s a friendly reminder. No stress.

Unfortunately, I didn’t stop reading there. Two sentences later was the line “if you don’t resolve this in the next few days we’ll start eviction proceedings.”

Hmmm. Sooooo friendly.

It’s kind of like a loan shark who you owe money too, giving you a friendly reminder to stretch after exercises because you really need to look after your knees.

Anyway, it only took a couple of emails and a phone call to sort it out.  After all I had deposited the money in their account almost two weeks earlier. Then my loan shark real estate agent sent an apologetic email which (and I’m NOT summarising here) said; “OK, we have credited that amount to your account.”

Honestly, it was so laden with regret, how could I stay mad? I’m not sure, but I managed it. After all, it’s not everyday someone threatens to make me homeless. I managed to send a highly retrained email along the lines of “What the hell happened?”

I got back a slightly longer email, mentioning technical problems, blaming IT people and the promises that it would be looked in to. I think they even attempted to apologise. It’s hard to tell cause there was only one typo in the email. It was in the line that read “We are spry for any inconvenience.”

I don’t think they’re used to using the word “sorry”. I shouldn’t be surprised. After all they real estate agents, not loan sharks…

Time isn’t on my side…

Around a month ago, I decided this year I should actually redo some of my drawings and try to get them to a more finished level. I’m not actually sure what that means, but something a little more than the first drafts that exist in my 20 plus sketch books.

Anyway, I decided I’d start by reworking a drawing I did over… erk. I can’t even remember how long ago. It was back when I was living in Tassie, so that’s over 14 years ago.

Anyway, my style has changed a lot since then, but there seemed to be some sort of balance by starting a new phase of work with one of my earliest pictures.

So,  the picture is “The long walk”.

The Long Walk

I’ve invested in a expensive set of Rotring pens to assist in this project. One of the things I decided I wanted to change about the picture is the figure walking. I’m thinking of updating it to a person in business attire. I’m not sure if that’s just making it more cliché but, I think it’s more fitting for this stage of my life.

So, I started to sketch around with ideas… the first one…


And since then… nothing. Honestly, I don’t know where the time goes. I’m just having so much trouble finding an afternoon where I can sit down and draw. The fact I’m someone who does love just bumming out watching DVDs doesn’t help. Not to mention the after work pubs visits. Hmmm, actually, I’m starting to see the problem…

So basically, maybe I should just move this plan to the “Long term plans” folder.


Ok, to be honest, I got nuttin’.

But I did see balloons this morning…


I was watching them float across they sky and decided I’d take a photo.

When I first looked up, there were four balloons and they all were firing their engine thingies… (google tells me it’s called a ‘burner’ but I’m sure everyone knows what I mean!) It was quiet a sight to see them all lit up and it was an impressive sight. Also, from my vantage point they were floating over some train lines, each finding it’s own ‘segment’ between the different cables. I was really hoping they would all light their… “burners”… again and I could catch it on my camera on my phone. But the balloons wouldn’t play along.

They wouldn’t sync up their engines again and one would always be out of position in relation to the cables. I was walking around in circles with a clicking noise emitting from my my phone while I holding up to the sky.

So, as a magical sight hot air balloons can be on a dark morning, they still can also be complete bastards!

But still…


I’ll never play the violin again…

After lunch I went to go back up to my floor at work. There was a huge crowd in the foyer waiting for the lifts. Every now and then the lifts stuff up and the call button doesn’t work. So the only way to get a lift is to wait for someone to come down to the ground floor.

Actually, this can be kind of confusing. I’m in no hurry to get back to work, but there is something incredibly annoying about standing there watch 4 out of the 5 lifts bounce between to 20th and 24th floor. The 5th one, of course, is out of order…

Fortunately when one lift comes the others follow it in a group. So 2 lifts arrived in foyer and get packed with my fellow semi-comatosed building dwellers, but I could see a third one was on it’s way…

Anyway, the lifts aren’t very patient and the doors close pretty quickly. It’s a common sight to see people to lunge forward as soon as a lift empties out so you can be sure the doors don’t close, cause often when they close they move on instantly and there is no way to stop them cause as I said, the call button doesn’t work.

So it was a little frustrating when the lift arrived and the door opened the current occupants decided to pause and consider their horoscopes before exiting. Then a woman who had positioned herself right in front of the lift, decided what ever she was texting (probably ‘OMG, you won’t believe what my horoscope is telling me today’… With a LOL thrown in for good measure) was worth finishing before she got into the lift. So I quick threw out my arm to keep the doors open, just in time to hit the tip of my finger on one of the doors that had decided everyone had enough of an opportunity to enter and it was time to be on it’s way.

The door managed to bend my finger back, bend the fingernail back further, split the finger nail (only a couple of millimeters) before grudgingly opening again. I spent the whole lift trip nursing my finger, staring daggers at the stupid phone woman and wondering if I could be fired for expressing my opinion, loudly, at what a complete moron she is.

Moral of the story. People are to dumb to be trusted with lifts, phones or horoscopes.

PS. I’ve been incredibly busy at the moment. So I’m not sure how frequent posting will be. But I’ve been sent another picture from my mother, so I’ll try to put that up soon.

PPS. But really guys, I mean I stop posting for a while, quite a while I’ll admit. So you tell me, why is it when I’m not posting I seem to get more visits to this site!!! Are you all trying to tell me something?