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Post-it Note Friday

I’m thinking of starting to do this regularly. Which probably means I’ll do it three times then forget…

Anyway, Post-It Note Friday will just be some of the small doodles I’ve done through out the week. Not drawings (or sketches even), but those small scribbles that I make when I’m meant to be giving someone my full attention while they say something incredibly important.

So here we go…

Post It Notes

P.S. My last post about not being sure if I was wearing pants must have offended my jeans and they sought their revenge! Here is an email I sent to ASimpleTune yesterday…

“Urghhhhh…. I just had one of those moments which really makes you question the meaning of life. Or least the design of it. Or at least of balls! I was quietly working away and listening to my iPod when, I guess I must have shifted my weight and… Well…long story short, my pants tried to garrotte my testicles. I let loose a quiet ‘ugf’ when I really wanted to shout “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAGGGGHHHHHohmygodthepainTHEPAIN!” And then had to pull out my headphones, un-focus my eyes and concentrate on not falling off my chair. Really, you don’t know what your missing out on by not having them….”

Curiously she didn’t reply and in a later email I said I really thought it would have provoked a response. She simply wrote: “I was gonna save that to laugh at your face” Personally, my face could have withstood it. It wasn’t the part of my body that was concerning me.

I feel that with all the OH&S stuff about posture while sitting at your desk, they could have slipped this in as a possible consequence of slouching.

P.P.S. for those that haven’t noticed, I’ve finally gotten around to slapping a domain on the blog. You should be able to get here in the future with www.mrsketchy.com.au


Monday Project Bravery…

Yeah…. See here is where I normally see the latest pic for my Monday Project submission.

And here is where you’re going to be disappointed….

[note; I’m not expecting Soph or Kate to turn up at my doorstop holding lead pipes saying things like “so, we understand you’re a little behind on your Monday Project submissions..”, This is more a little rant about the disappointment in myself, for not getting something together in time.]

Alrighty, this is how it went…

Honestly, I drew a complete blank on bravery. What people want to read that into me, I leave that up to the amateur physiatrists out there…

Then I was working on this picture, for a friends story. I had this whole image worked out in my head. Then I had the idea, since the story had to do with water, what I’d do, is trying to draw a complete picture the submerge a corner in water, to see what kind of effect that it would give. The bravery part being the fact I was willing to risk a drawing on the chance the effect would turn out how I wanted.

But, there was a problem, I had an idea of a more ‘subtle’ picture for another picture. Which in some ways would require less work and stand out less. I found I was more attracted to this idea, simply because, it suited the story more. But I had my own motivations for this drawing… more on this after the next two paragraphs…

So then I had a second idea, which was sort of similar to this cartoon from tom tomorrow. (Who personally I think is a fantastic cartoonist. This is from his series of  American political cartoons (here is one of my favourites). He also blogs here and has a children’s book which you can see bits of here.)

But I could get beyond the first draft and when the weekend came around I just didn’t have time to put it together…  So long story short; “I got nuthin’”

Anyway the big realisation I had was this. I want to show off my drawings more.

I have known this in a way for a while now. But this made me acknowledge how much I’m really feeling this. My family and friends have been incredibly supportive through out my whole life…  but I want to go further with it. I want to see what I can do with it in terms of a larger audience.

So I’m admitting it, that’s part one of my brave things.

Part two is this. I know I don’t have a lot readers on this blog, but I’m going to be brave and say this.

If you write and are interested in having a story illustrated, drop me a line.

If you are another artist, what ever your medium, drop me a line.

If you are neither of these, but feel like you are someone interested in being called on, to use as model or similar, drop me a line.

I can’t guarantee what the results will be. It will all depend on time, my goals/your goals and the amount of beer that needs to be drunk. However, I’ll do my best to reply to all emails, just give me a couple of days.

Email me at “mrsketchy[at]y7mail.com”

P.S. I’m going to leave it up to Soph and Kate if a post about why I didn’t get a submission in, counts as a submission. I think it’s a bit of a paradox and, in my generously, pass the whole problem up to them.

P.P.S. Honestly, If it were up to me, I wouldn’t…


So there is this training program at work, for the 2IC role within the different teams. I imagine it’s to keep us all excited that there is a career path for us, but they don’t want us to get too excited and actually think about management positions because, after all we don’t have a degree in ‘introducing policies that will end up being useless or detrimental and have to be revoked in 6 months.” Plus, god forbid if someone with a little knowledge of actually what goes on gets in the position where they may have some input on a important decision.

Anyway, I applied cause there was so little to do, I thought it might fill in time. Plus there is a little bit of a pay bump which is never to be sneezed at. Unfortunately, it means just doing a lot more reports and paperwork and things like that. Basically anything too boring and repetitive for management or team leaders to do.

Yesterday, I received an email saying I’ve got an interview for the program.

I’m now trying to remember why the hell I sent in my application. I’m not convinced the benefits are worth all the hassle.

As part of the interview process, I’ve got to give a presentation including “the 3 top issues I see the company has.”

I’m tempted to do one about the impending invasion by the aliens from the planet Xzzffaght. Cause really, if humankind is enslaved, it could really affect the 4th-quarter projected outcomes.

My friend would refer to this as a CLM (Career Limiting Moment).

Still the idea tickles my funny bone. I may be unemployed soon…

Any suggestions for the other two issues?

First thoughts.

OK, so a new Monday Project theme is up.

And I thought I’d put up my initial thoughts…

But before I go into that, please see the response to last months project theme from;

Miss Maybel

Hybrid J





So this months theme is treasure.

I have to admit I really liked Kate’s last idea for the last theme and how she used a photo… and also I like the photo she used to announce this months theme. Maybe it’s because I’m still feeling inspired from seeing Rosalie Gascoigne the other month.

However, I’ve also got an image of a man with long arms holding onto… something in my mind (treasure = greed) which could be a drawing. Of course, that’s my discipline.

Still in terms of ‘treasure’ I can’t help to think of the phrase of “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Maybe because of Miss Maybel’s sort-of recent posts on poverty.

However, that brings me back to the idea of using found object to make a ‘treasure box’ and taking a photo of it… sort of back to my first idea.

Long story short… this might be a little tough…

However, that’s my first thoughts. Or what passes as thoughts in my mind!